Providing visibility into operations for Commercial Cleaning businesses with a proprietary 24/7 real-time service tracking and workforce attendance solution

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Assure services are carried out at the right place and time at your clients' properties with real-time reporting, unprecedented workforce geolocation accuracy, and reliable proof-of-service.

Keep customers happy with the choices they made. Amaze new clients.

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Stratosfy Marker

Stratosfy Marker is the only deskless workforce management solution that combines the power of mobility, wireless sensors, cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence to digitally engage your workforce and assure services are carried out at precise locations. With Stratosfy Marker you can remotely track services in washrooms, hallways, offices, parking lots, and many other indoor or outdoor locations within a property with real-time reports and reliable proof-or-service.

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Stratosfy Marker helped Jani-King Ottawa reach total visibility over their workforce on key customers

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Connecting you and your mobile workforce to assure service quality

Bringing a new level of visibility over business operations with the power of sensors, cloud computing and mobile applications to Commercial Cleaning.

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